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Global Alliance Program

Today we are launching the Founder2be Global Alliance Program.

We are excited and filled with tremendous joy to be joining forces with organizations around the world supporting start-ups in their communities.

The launch partners pioneering this initiative include organizations from Finland, Germany, and the United States:

  • Boost Turku, entrepreneurship society sharing knowledge, mentoring startups and building networks, Turku, Finland
  • LaunchSpace, collective of designers, developers and start-ups, Seattle, USA
  • Team Academy, Center of Excellence for Entrepreneurship at JAMK university, Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Stream Tampere, society connecting young entrepreneurs, Tampere, Finland
  • and Founder2be, helping founders take the very first step.

Entrepreneurship is the driver of future growth world-wide for our society to come. Over are the days when starting a business to pursue your dreams required large up-front capital investments. Now more than ever before, it is the team executing an idea, which determines the success.

"Finding the right team and skills are usually the hardest tasks for a startup. We are full of excitement to be part of Founder2be’s global initiative of connecting founders and startup hubs around the world." says Ville Simola, Captain of the Aalto Venture Garage.

Founder2be helps anyone looking for a team to take the first step from the comfort of their home, office, a cafe or wherever there is internet access.

By connecting founders with innovation hubs, and linking these efforts across countries and continents, we are strengthening the ties and the support for start-ups on a global scale.

"People always ask me if I know someone with development skill in X or is good at Y. Founder2be is the perfect resource for finding people with specific skills, passion and experience." says Tyler Phillipi, founder and CEO of LaunchSpace.

The initiative is open to anyone who shares the vision of growing entrepreneurship and increasing the support for start-ups. If you would like to become part of the growing network, you are welcome to join us.

And if you are an individual wanting to do good for start-ups in your city or country, you can do so by becoming an ambassador.

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